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How To Reset Canon MP198 Waste Ink Absorber Full (Error: 27)

A few days ago I hade a problem with my Canon MP198 printer that I often use every day. It's was 'Waste Ink Absorber Full' error message, and error code showed on the device was 'E-27'. By this error, I can't do my print job what I must to finish it on time. I search on google and then I found this trick to solve the problem.

This is the trick you must do step by step how to repair Canon MP198 waste ink absorber full (error: 27) with the Canon service tools, its can be downloaded by search on Google search engine. I'm sorry, I can't share this software directly on this post for a reason. Let's follow the following step:
  1. Make sure the device is turned off
  2. Hold down the STOP/RESET button, and do the same with the POWER button. 
  3. Release the STOP/RESET button, but not the POWER button 
  4. Press the STOP/RESET button twice
  5. Release the POWER button, then wait until the device is in ready status or in repair mode
  6. Run the Canon MP198 Service Tools software
  7. Click the EEPROM Clear button, and then click the Main and Platen button
  8. You can wait until the operation is finished. If done, you can turn off your device and turn on it again. And now, your device is ready to use again.

  9. Canon MP198 Waste Ink Absorber Full (E27)


Yousake NKRI said...

sekedar mampir dan meramaikan blog ini ^_^

Abdie Abdullah said...

@Yousake NKRI:
Monggo mas bro.. thanks atas kunjungan nya :)

Donaid bare said...

Thanks for sharing this information but can you please suggest me regarding ink pad reset in Epson printer.
waste ink pad

George Hirst said...

To reset the waste ink error you will need to download a reset program. This resets the printer counters back to zero and the printer will work again as normal. You can download this reset program from our website.
waste ink counter

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